Sabtu, 5 November 2011

Love = Two

The sun rises,
The sun sets,
The night lights glow,
One light shines brighter though,
And she will stay with me forever,
She is what keeps me going in cold weather,
When the road gets rough,
She is the one that holds me tight,
When I see her,
Hair in the wind,
Looking like an angel,
Eyes radiant in the sun,
She brings warmth to my heart,
Her bright soul,
Her spirit so high,
Like the wind,
I will always find her,
Wherever she might be,
No matter what she thinks,
Or what she does,
She's perfect,
And that is all that matters,
She is the girl of my dreams,
And I found her,
And mine forever she will be...

- Josh Van Zuylen -