Sabtu, 9 Mei 2009

i'm in love by Egyptian~Princess** ~~

I realized when I looked into your eyes
there’s something’s money can’t buy.
When you stepped into my life
I felt I was in heaven.
With your eyes made of diamonds,
and your heart made of gold,
I knew I couldn’t ask for more than you.
You were like an angel sent from above.
The feeling I felt when I first saw you was unbelievable.
I can't explain these feelings I have for you.
Anytime, anyday, anywhere, you know I’ll always be there.
I knew I couldn’t live another moment without you.
I had to get you into my life, once and for all.
I want to say three words... I love you!
I believe it’s true, I hope you do, too.
Whenever you’re near, I have this magical feeling in my heart.
I can’t imagine us apart.
The only wish I have is for God to keep us together.
Why? I think I’m in love, in love with you.
Life isn’t the same without you.
I will wait for you in the stars and heavens above.
You are a gift meant for me to have.
I knew it when I first laid my eyes on your beautiful soul.
You were everything I wanted, everything I needed.
Everything I will always have in life...
I love you

Aku jumpa ni kat dalam internet...mengingatkan kisah dolu-dolu terutama ketika kepala dok pening hahahahah